At home


What a great way to spend a Sunday, just enjoying the pool and a few of the neighborhood hummingbirds.

This is actually a few still images that I’ve pasted together into an animation.

Click on the picture to see the hummingbird feeding.



A few pics of a photo shoot in Tucson

John Mijac, of Long Realty, has a listing in the Tucson Foothills. I just wanted to shoot and test some new equipment. This is a great neighborhood. I really liked the view of the Santa Catalina’s and the koi pond. While there I met the neighbor. A sweet lady who would make for a great neighbor I’m sure.

Sold in a few hours.


We listed the home Sunday morning, Father’s Day 2013. Day 1: nothing!? Maybe listing a home on Father’s Day isn’t a great idea. But the very next day at 3:00 pm we had a full price offer on the table and the buyers wanted an answer before 8:00 pm.

Some people might think we were underpriced, but the comps show that we were on the mark. Plus the disposal of the ongoing overhead and not having to continue paying for mortgage, taxes, insurance, water, power, gas and the potential for anything to need repairing or replacing while still owning the property, I say it was absolutely the right price. Holding out for a few thousand dollars more can be financial roulette.

Price right now or Drop your price later? What’s $10,000? It could mean the difference between actually selling or sitting on the house for 90 days before you drop that price anyway. And you’ve just spent 3 months as a seller. If you’ve ever sold a house you’ll know what I mean. Being a seller is just anxiety filled. Maybe it’s just me, but I get this nagging sensation that anything and everything that can go sideways will. That over time becomes so prevalent it can become a living monster.

Once we determined the price, it was marketing time. Having just spent several months searching for a new home, it was very clear to me that the pictures needed to be awesome. They needed to show features that would bring buyers. The pictures needed to excite them, to give them just enough to like what they saw and get them to come visit the house.

Do you think the pictures of homes listed for sale on the internet are important?

Buyers begin their house hunting online. And speaking as a buyer (purchased our new home June 26, 2013), I can tell you that I would not visit a house that did not have a picture in the listing. But there are a bunch of listings that have no pictures. And the quality of the pictures are going to send a message about the house, Crappy pictures – probably crappy house. There is really no excuse for it, except that everyone has a camera built into their phone. And some people think those pictures are great for anything and everything. Sorry, that’s not going to cut it.

Here are the pictures we used to get buyers to look at the house.